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Frame Brands

insightful-visions-sechelt-products-1When you visit InSightful Visions you will find that we feature our entire collection with mens and womens models together to reflect the different types of fit and style each collection offers. All of our licensed brands, unique to the Sunshine Coast, are purposely limited in the edition of each frame model selected and displayed to assure you a very individual and unique look. Feel free to peruse some of our Frame Vendors click here.

Choosing a frame that’s right for you:

Don’t dread the thought of having to wear eye glasses. If you choose your glasses frames properly, they can enhance your facial features.

At InSightful Visions, we will work with you in choosing the best frame for you. Our goal is to ensure that you will love how you look. We take a thorough assessment of the shape of your face, skin tones, price and prescription needs to reveal the best frame style options to make you look good while helping you see better.

Narrowing Down Your Choices in Eyeglass Frames

Before you visit our Optical store, consider what you want to communicate to our Optician:


  • What style of frame you prefer: delicate or bold, retro or modern, rim-less or Semi rim-less?
  • What are your hair and skin colors, and what are the main colors in your wardrobe? What colors appeal to you?
  • Are you going to wear this frame all the time, mainly at work or just when you go out on the town?
  • What are your current fashion trends?
  • Do you want designer labels?
  • What do you like or not like about your current eyeglasses?


Even if a frame looks great, you aren’t going to wear it if it’s uncomfortable. And if your new eyeglasses are sitting in a drawer somewhere, you certainly aren’t getting your money’s worth. This is where a professional Optician can be very helpful!

Chemistrie Clip-ons

Chemistrie is a completely customized clip-on attachment for your eyeglasses that we manufacture on-site.

They allow your Rx frame to become
polarized sunglasses, readers, 3D glasses or
computer glasses with the click of a lens.

Chemistrie’s magnetic lenses are made to fit any frame and allow you to quickly change your clips to fit your needs. They are a great solution for your everyday eyeglasses.

We invite you to find yourself in the following Preview of our Collections…

Budget Children & Youth

Frame styles that allow style and fit at a conservative price range.

  • Modern Optical

Available for infants and young children, these versatile styles range from classic to funky and are durable with unlimited warranties that stand behind everyday wear.

  • Dutz… Ted Baker… Soho
Classics Contemporary Couture

Reminiscent of your frames of past, yet still wanting the fine detail, new colours and contemporary styling with enough room for your entire lens capacity.

  • Aristar… Marilyn Munroe… Tura

Very stylish and forward facing, you may catch a glimpse of where you want to be, the end result will suit and enhance you and your personality.

  • Brendel… Einstein… Mizyake… Mizyake Couture… Soho Tech
Designer Series European Design

Individuality, colour, comfort and fit as unique as you are!

  • Reflections by Traff… Izzumi… William Morris London

The perfect fit for a high bridge, wide or narrow set eyes or a high prescription. Combining science and design with comfort, style and affordability.

  • OGI… Prodesign:Denmark… Ted Lapidus… Xenith
Luxury Minimal Art

Timeless pieces and quality that will last a lifetime, with individual style, elegance and comfort.

  • Emilio Pucci… Roberto Cavalli… Tom Ford

The ability to custom shape and fit to any lens and any person gives each individual a weightless and truly unique fit and look.

  • Free Form Design Titanium
Occupational & Sports Eyewear Small Fit

Safety frames for work, sports glasses, shields… We have it all!

  • On Guard Safety… Safety T Sports

Excellent for youth and petite adults who want a proportional fit, with style!

  • Nat & Coco… Reactive… Soho… Lulu Guinness… Vera Wang
Technical Innovations Titanium

Designed for everyday life, low maintenance and easy to wear.

  • Aspire… Dilem… Titan Flex… Float

Quality and lightweight with distinctive style and intricate colour inlays.

  • Kio Yamato… O&X New York… TLG too light glasses
Vintage Look Lens Brands

Perfect for those seeking the authentic designer retro look, available from small to large fits.

  • Anglo American… Goldfinch

We source out the best in technical design, materials, coatings, price and warranties, your lens selection is as unique to you as your frame.

  • Centennial Optical Limited… Essilor Canada… Hoya Vision Care… Nikon Canada

Feel free to check out some of our Frame Vendors.

Natural Remedies

InSightful Visions also offers a variety of products for a more holistic approach to eyecare. We also offer DNA cheek swab testing for AMD (Age-related Macular Degeneration) vitamin supplementation.

  • MacuHealth – a natural supplement to rebuild and help maximize retinal pigment to help you see more clearly
  • Ophthalmics – natural homeopathic eye drops for allergy and dry eye relief
  • Re-Balance – developed and launched by us, it is an organic eyelid and facial skin care line which addresses the skin microbiome, a bacteria that impacts our natural tear production

InSightful Visions serves Sechelt and all of the Sunshine Coast, BC.
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