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Focused in Quality Eye Wear

Our Opticians are highly trained and skilled in the art of eyeglass frame fitting, as well as in the science of lens manufacturing.

Our staff has always exceeded the required continuing education requirements, and will continue to do so.

We are committed to keeping up to date with the continual technical changes in lens designs and frame styles.

We provide a wide range of optical products and services:

  • On Site Spectacle Finishing Lab with one hour service
  • Customized Spectacle Lens and Frame Modifications
  • Premium Quality Lens Designs, Materials and Coatings
  • Exclusive Licensed Agreements with Brand Name Frame Collections with limited editions offered on each frame model
  • Extensive Selection of Sunglasses for Every Age
  • Ready Readers, Sports and Motorcycle Wear, Swim Goggles
  • A Wide Selection of Optical Accessories
  • Contact Lens Fitting Including Follow Up Care
  • Low Vision Assessments with a Large Selection of Magnifiers


Beyond visual correction, many other parameters influence your vision. Every face is unique and that is why your vision and the way you wear your eyeglasses are different from everyone else. Customized lenses, personalized according to your physiology and your frames, ensure the best possible vision.

Our staff will create your Eyecode, a physiological measurement made by the Visioffice®, which locates, in 3 dimensions, the eye rotation center, absolute reference point for lens calculation and lens fitting. Because every eye is unique, each lens must be as well to ensure instant vision effortlessly.

Check out the Varilux website and YouTube Channel for lots of great info.




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